In 2014, the National Council for Animal Experimentation Control (CONCEA) recognized, through Normative Resolution 18, the use of validated alternative methodologies with the aim of replacing, reducing and refining the use of animals in research. RN established a five-year limit for methodologies to become mandatory by research institutes. Therefore, as of September 2019, these alternative methodologies are mandatory for many toxicological tests that can no longer use animals.

So far, 24 alternative methodologies have been recognized, 17 in RN 18 in 2014 and another 7 in RN 31 in 2016. These methodologies aim, for example, to assess the potential for skin irritation and corrosion and skin absorption. With these changes in regulation, Brazil meets what other international institutions also strive to reduce the use of animals in research. In 2013, the European Union announced a ban on trade in cosmetics tested on animals throughout its territory. In this way, there is a great incentive for the development of new alternative methodologies in order to reduce the use of animals for cosmetic tests and in scientific research.

2019 will be a milestone in Brazil in relation to the consolidation of alternative methods to the use of animals. Núcleo Vitro is part of this change and has alternative methods without using animals! Get in touch to know more!