Protection against solar radiation has always been the subject of much research, but now, with the increasing use of electronic devices responsible for the high emission of blue light, as well as LED lamps in homes or offices, this has also brought the understanding that light blue is harmful to our skin, eyes and body metabolism.

Thus, the number of products that are concerned with offering this type of protection for consumers’ skin is also growing, but how to test and prove this effectiveness?

Nucleo Vitro, specialized in in vitro research and molecular biology tests – all methods being free to use in animals – has developed a method to test and prove the effectiveness of cosmetics.

By using live skin cells, it is possible to assess whether the product can exercise the necessary protection against the harmful effects of blue light, in order to reproduce what happens in our body.

This innovative methodology will be presented during the Innovation Day in Goiânia, promoted by the Cosmetic Innovation Portal, on June 26th. Núcleo Vitro is a partner company of the IPclin Group, which now has an even more robust study portfolio, containing clinical studies for repellents and in vitro.

During the Innovation Day Goiânia, the IPclin Group team will be present to present the entire portfolio available. The event will take place from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm at the Mercure Hotel.

Registration and official program: Innovation Day Goiânia