Infotech Day Microbioma was an event organized by the Brazilian Cosmetology Association (ABC) and, of course, Núcleo Vitro was there! We will share the main news and information discussed during the event!

It is increasingly understood that the balance between the human body and the microorganisms that inhabit its surface & # 8211; whether bacteria, fungi or viruses & # 8211; it is essential for human health. These microorganisms, together, make up the microbiome. So, instead of looking for products that do total disinfection and kill all & # 8220; germs & # 8221 ;, today it is understood that we need microorganisms & # 8220; for good & # 8221; to maintain the health of our skin.

It was from the Human Microbiome Project conducted by the National Institute of Sciences in 2008 that he began to understand more about the importance of having a diverse and balanced flora. The beginning of these studies was carried out with the intestinal flora, but, currently, it has also been demonstrated that the skin’s microflora is also essential for its health.

Microorganisms have been identified that are considered to be beneficial or physiological to the skin, while the greater presence of other microorganisms may be interfering with health and are therefore considered pathological microorganisms. It was also seen that the diversity of flora, that is, different types of microorganisms, contributes to skin health.

One of the points that has been demonstrated is that the skin flora can be modified by cosmetics to contribute to a healthier environment for the human organism. Therefore, we can use this knowledge to our advantage. To assess the action of these products on the skin flora, it is important to combine clinical use with molecular identification and evaluation. Thus, in addition to the regulation of microflora, we will also have a less rough, less inflamed and more hydrated skin.

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