The union of multiple areas with exhibitors of ingredients, packaging and specialized services in the cosmetic area is what makes FCE Cosmetique one of the main events in the sector. Núcleo Vitro participated in the 3 days of the fair to bring the news of product launches. We also participated in the Latin American Congress of Cosmetic Chemistry (Colamiqc) to learn about the scientific news of cosmetology.

Two themes predominated this year: exposure to different light spectra (not just UV light) and microbiome. On the subject of protecting skin from light spectra, Alexandra Lan, director of Shanghai PECHOIN, showed at Colamiqc how the skin is affected by visible light spectra and infrared spectrum. That is, it is not just ultraviolet radiation that can be harmful to the skin. Thus, actives are being developed so that they can guarantee this protection for the skin. In the same sense, Bibiana Matte, scientific director of Núcleo Vitro, presented the in vitro methodology developed at the company to demonstrate the effects of blue light during the Talk Science of FCE Cosmetique. This subject has been debated by scientific publications and also by the media with a growing interest in consumers.

Another theme present during the events was the assessment of the skin microbiome. The microbiome is the set of microorganisms that inhabit the skin and it has been demonstrated how the balance of these microorganisms is fundamental for healthy skin. This subject was discussed by international speakers, such as Dr. Mathis Gempeler and Edith Flaire. Nationally, Daniella Francischetti from Solabia showed, during Colamiqc, the assets that they developed that allows the balance of the microbiome. During the Innovation Center, which took place inside FCE Cosmetique, Dr. Betina Ramos, from Nanovetores, also presented an innovative solution for using Lactobacilli in cosmetics and that bring significant improvements to the skin.

What these two themes have in common are the characteristics that product launches can bring more protection and health to consumers. With more and more accessible information about what is good for you and what hurts your skin, consumers are also demanding about what type of product they are looking for. Therefore, the development of products that differentiate themselves with deep and proven efficacy become interesting to these consumers.