Article published in the Global Cosmetic Industry brings a report by Euromonitor Internacional and in-cosmetics Global on what consumers focus on when it comes to skin care products. The report pointed out that the concept of skin beauty is increasingly being perceived by the public related to skin health than just the external appearance. This change in perception is related to the increase in healthy lifestyle by the population as well as increased access to information and knowledge by consumers.

Regarding skin care products, the study pointed out that:

  • 25% of consumers sought facial moisturizers with sunscreen functionality;
  • 15% of millennials buy skin care products to prevent signs of aging;
  • 60% of consumers cited important benefits for skin care such as moisturizing properties, sensitive skin products, addition of vitamins and claims related to skin tone.

The demands of hair care by consumers included:

  • 20% of consumers buy products that have claims that address their specific hair problems;
  • 35% of consumers are motivated to buy products that improve the appearance and texture of hair;
  • Most sought after claims among consumers include damage repair, hydration, hair health, anti-dandruff and hair loss prevention.

In addition to these data, consumers have shown an increased interest in products that combat damage caused by the sun, pollution and that regulate capillary microflora. Therefore, the report pointed out that the public is increasingly demanding and is looking for claims that have information and science added to the benefits of the products.