With the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for products that are effective in eliminating viruses is growing. In order to offer effective products to consumers, it is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of these products in relation to viruses.

In this context, Núcleo Vitro carries out studies to evaluate the virucidal efficacy of different classes of products. We are the only laboratory to be part of Anvisa’s REBLAS and perform antiviral studies.

We work with different types of viral particles such as viruses from the SARS-CoV-2 family, herpesvirus and flu virus (Influenza).

Antiviral efficacy
Evaluation of raw materials and finished products for topical and surface use in relation to their effectiveness in reducing or eliminating viral particles according to the methodologies EM 14476 and ASTM 1052.

Evaluation of products such as cosmetics and sanitizers.

Antiviral activity of textile and porous products
Methodology according to ISO 18184:2019

Antiviral activity of plastics and other non-porous surfaces
Methodology according to ISO 21702:2019

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