Núcleo Vitro is a laboratory specialized in efficacy in vitro tests, focusing on cell culture and tissue engineering. The studies we perform reveal important attributes of your product to differentiate yourself in the market!


Hydration analysis
Assessment of aquaporin channels, one of the most important mechanisms of skin hydration;


Skin barrier analysis
Evaluation of the expression of proteins that are part of the skin barrier;


Anti-inflammatory / dermocalming potential
Evaluation of the main cytokines and inflammatory mediators released by skin cells;


Oil control
Evaluation of 5-alpha reductase enzyme expression;


Evaluation of the improvement of the healing process and in vitro renewal;


Blue light protection
Evaluation of proliferation, production of free radicals and DNA protection with exposure to blue light;


Infrared protection
Protection assessment in relation to infrared wavelength passage;


Skin firmness
Evaluation of collagen and elastin production in the dermis;


Collagen production
Evaluation of collagen production by dermis cells;


Hyaluronic acid production
Evaluation of hyaluronic acid production by dermal cells;


Antioxidant potential
Biochemical evaluation of the production of free radicals by skin cells;


Prevents premature aging
Assessment of cellular longevity of skin cells;


Prevents collagen degradation
Evaluation of the potential to protect collagen degradation of the dermis after exposure to UV radiation;


Cellular energy
Assessment of ATP production by skin cells;


Cell renewal
Analysis in human keratinocytes and fibroblasts cells;


Antiglycant action
Analysis of processes related to the glycation process;


Anti-pollution action
Potential to reverse damage related to pollution stress;


Botox-like effect
Evaluation of the product in relation to its potential for botox-like action;


Protease and lipase enzymatic activity
Analysis of enzymes related to the protease and lipase process;


Lightening / depigmenting action
Evaluation of the mechanisms involved in skin pigmentation and proof of product efficacy;


Tyrosinase activity
Tyrosinase analysis – essential enzyme for the production of melanin in the skin;


Lipolytic efficacy
Assessment of lipase levels in adipocytes;


Hair follicle stimulation
Analysis of specific cells of the scalp;


Increases circulation
Evaluation of the process of angiogenesis and microcirculation in vitro;


Microbiome assessment
Metagenomic evaluation of the skin and scalp microbiota profile with analysis of the interaction of topical products with this microbiota;


Development of customized analyzes for product needs
We are open to developing new methodologies for customized product evaluations.


To learn more about the methodologies, contact us.