We developed our own models of equivalent skin with reconstruction of the dermis layer with the presence of proteins such as collagen and fibroblasts. On the surface, we reconstruct the human epidermis with keratinocytes.

Our equivalent skin models are proprietary and registered:

NVskin: equivalent skin with dermis and epidermis. With this model, we evaluated the expression of proteins relevant to skin health such as collagen, elastin, barrier markers and skin hydration, proteins related to the antioxidant and anti-aging process.

NVmelanin: equivalent skin with presence of pigmentation. This model is ideal for evaluating a product with the potential to lighten the skin.

NVaged: equivalent skin that has been aged. Our unique skin aging protocol model is able to assess whether the product has the potential to reverse aging processes and stimulate cellular longevity.

NVviral: equivalent skin with the presence of viral particles. Nucleo Vitro’s exclusive model that allows evaluating whether the product is effective in eliminating viruses present in the skin.


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