The nucleus of a cell has all the information to command the actions that take place inside it. Therefore, it plays a vital role in keeping our body in balance.

Núcleo Vitro’s mission is to discover what is happening in the cells with the contact of products and to bring this information to the companies. We perform in vitro safety and efficacy tests for healthcare products with a focus on scientific innovation.

The methodologies used are based on cellular and molecular biology, which are alternative methodologies to the use of animals. We are skin-equivalent model pioneers with expertise in cell culture, tissue engineering and biomimetic models.

We work with different types of viral particles to demonstrate antiviral efficacy of different types of products. In this context, we are the first laboratory to be part of REBLAS and to work with antiviral studies.

More than 1000 different samples have already passed through our laboratory with the experience of having worked with 100 companies in Brazil and 10 countries!

Trust Núcleo Vitro to demonstrate the differential of your product with a lot of science, research and innovation!